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2015 NJ Leadership Summit: PARCC

- Jeff Nellhaus, Chief of Assessment, PARCC

        Jeff Nellhaus Presentation

-Impacting Teaching and Learning, Kimberley Harrington, Chief Academic Officer, NJDOE       

        Kimberley Harrington Presentation

-Gearing Up for PARCC, Bari Erlichson, Chief Performance Officer, NJDOE

         Bari Erlichson Presentation

-Educator Evaluation Year 2, Peter Shulman, Chief Talent Officer, NJDOE

Peter Shulman Presentation

-Lessons Learned from the Pilot: Preparations for PARCC 2015    Lauren DeBello, Jason Trzeciak, and Deana Ridolfo, Vineland School District

      DeBello, Trzeciak & Ridolfo Presentation

-Developing Common Core Writing Assignments in Social Studies     Mathew Mingle, Madison & Cindy Assini, Hillsborough Twp.

Presentation: Mingle & Assini 
Examples: Mingle & Assini

- The Common Core: Making the Connection to PARCC    Sandra  Alberti

NJASCD Assessment       
CCSSO ELA Principles Assessment Template 
CCSSO Math Principles Template
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Assessment Quality Principles

- Inspiring Teacher Leadership in the New Era of PARCC  Tonya Breland & Peggy Stewart