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Using Google in a Student-Centered Math Classroom



We look forward to seeing you there! 
  • Dynamic Math for your Classroom 
    • Failing Forward
    • Desmos Graphing Calculator
    • Google Docs & math
    • Merging the physical world w/the digital world to easily support mathematical computation 
  • Communicating Mathematics
    • Inquiry--Notice & Wonder
    • Solve problems by learning math
    • Explore Explain vs. Explain Explore
  • Flipping & Blending Math Instruction
    • Saving time in class
    • Student-Centered Content
    • Screencasting
  • Formative Assessment
    • Actionable Feedback
    • Push, Confirm & Remediate
    • Google Forms & Google Drawing in Math 
  • Other Dynamic Tools for the Math Classroom
    • GeoGebra Dynamic Math Software
    • g(Math) Add-on


FEA Conference Center
12 Centre Drive
Monroe Township, NJ 08831