• About Us


    The New Jersey Affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NJASCD) is an award-winning organization, with a focus on providing excellence in the learning community. The core aspects of the association address teaching, learning and educational leadership through its many products, programs and services.
    The affiliate is sectioned into four regions throughout the state:
    Each region has an executive board and sponsors viable and important activities and functions within easy regional access. More specific information about each region can be located in the section labeled Regions.

    Awards presented to New Jersey ASCD include the following:

    • The 2008 ASCD Area of Excellence Award for Publications and Communication
    • The 2007 ASCD Area of Excellence Award for Programs, Products and Services
    • The 2006 ASCD Area of Excellence Award for Diverse, Active Membership
    • The 2003 ASCD Affiliate Overall Excellence Award

    NJASCD is a vibrant organization of educators; we invite you to become a part of us!