• Introducing the Executive Director

    Anne Mucci is the Executive Director of the New Jersey ASCD. As executive director, Anne leads an organization of diverse educational leaders who are committed to promoting excellence in the learning community.

    Anne currently serves as the Superintendent of the Long Hill Public Schools in Morris County, New Jersey.  Anne has over 25 years of experience in public education in New Jersey.  In that time, she has created models for building and retaining administrative teams, long range educational planning and meaningful community engagement.  Some of Anne's presentations include:

    "Recognizing the Value of Every Student”-NJSBA

    Exceptional and Economical Services for Students with Hearing Loss

    “Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness with One Vision~One Voice”- NJASA

    “Managing the Administrative Shortage:  Recruiting and Building Strong Teams”

    “AASA, NJASA, FEA Women’s Leadership Conference”

    “Administrative Team Building Strategies”

    “Leadership~ Putting Vision into Action”- NJASA

    "Itinerant Services for Students with Hearing Loss" and "Unique Issues of Suburban School Leadership"

    “Success is a Choice”- NJASA

    "Creating a Long Range Education Plan that Reflects Community Involvement"

    "Administrators as Scholars"-FEA

    "Leading district administrative teams in developing initiatives related to Infusing the Arts into the Curriculum, Sustainable Schools and Long Range Educational Planning"