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    The Teacher 50:
    Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence

    Baruti K. Karele
    In this thoughtful guide for novice and veteran educators alike, Baruti K. Kafele takes readers on a reflective journey designed to reignite their passion for teaching.  Kafele's 50 questins and penetrating insights reveal how you can
    • Inspire students of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds to strive for academic excellence;
    • Develop strong relationships with students, their parents, and the greater community;
    • Address the challenges and promises present by millennial learners; and
    • Boost your motivation and excitement about teaching despite entrenched obstacles and daily frustrations. 
    Replete with ideas for strengthening your practice and investiing in student success, this book is indispensible companion for teachers who want to five their absoulte best in the classroom at all time and under all circumstances.
    Baruti K. Kafele is a highly regarded teacher, administrator and speaker and is the author of several books, including, The Principal 50: Critical Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence. 
    (ASCD book,  August, 2016) 6" x 9"; 103 pages 

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