• Awards Presented at The 2010 NJASCD Annual Conference

    Picture above are Friends of Education Award recipients.

    Presenter: Nancy Andersen to 2010 Award Recipient Mannington Mills Flooring Company Vince Guidice accepting for Dave Kitts VP Environment

    In fall 2008, Mannington Mills and educators, met to see how they could begin a partnership to help county schools take a step forward in improving their    environmental    performance.    Mannington’s    environmental department, led by Dave Kitts, brainstormed ideas on how to best help the wide diversity of Salem County Schools become more green. The partnership was named Going Green and the Logo “It is a Journey” was agreed upon. A secondary goal was developed. The committee would help teachers develop a Green Program for their own schools based on existing and effective business practices. Students would take part in activities much like the businesses they might be employed by in the future. These included metrics, audits, action plans and corrective action plans. Mannington Mills 􏰁Dave􏰂 presented the idea first to a Professional Development Academy kick off, held at Salem Community College in February 2009 of last year. Then the teachers were invited to the plant site to the kick off workshop in April 2009. Teachers where empowered to develop an action plan for their school. The teachers met again later in the spring and they presented activities they had already done and discussed hurtles they faced. Goals where set for the 2009‐ 2010 school year. Mannington again hosted a fall workshop on recycling in response to requests from teachers for help. Mannington Mills has also offered their team for support and mentoring in each school that is participating. To date there are 13 county schools participating. A school participated in a planting of a riparian buffer, including 1153, trees and bushes for local birds at the Mannington site with the NJ Audubon Society. A website has been designed to help the teachers share ideas. www.goinggreensalem.com. The website include actions taken already by the schools, and shares resources and links. A spring meeting is scheduled to review school activities & progress plus to have a tour of the solar panels and other green initiatives at the plant site.

    Presenter: Tom Tramaglini to 2010 Award Recipient New Jersey Road Runners Youth Organization 􏰁Formerly the New Jersey Shore Marathon􏰂 ‐ Robert Castellano

    Art Castellano and the New Jersey Road Runners Youth Foundation has consistently been an active group donating to youth and educational organizations in New Jersey. Over time, many programs in school districts such as Freehold Borough and Long Branch, have benefitted from donations made by the organization.
    Most recently, NJRRYF has benefitted Long Branch’s Get on the Bus program, an effort to provide funding for high students to visit to colleges and universities. The hope is to expose children to these schools and increase opportunity for kids to go to school when many might not have been afforded the chance to do so.

    Presenter: Joseph Mazzarella to 2010 Award Recipient TD Bank ‐ Robert Stroeble, Manager ‐ Eatontown Branch

    Mr. Stroeble and his team worked with various grade level teachers to implement a series of lessons on financial literacy. He and his instructors gave lessons both at the elementary and middle grade levels on maintaining checking accounts. This endeavor entailed mission statements, budgeting and careers as well as writing checks, keeping a check register, types of accounts, currency and determining simple interest. The program offered by Mr. Stroeble showed students how the mastery of mathematics is relevant to their daily lives and how to make applications to real life situations.