• NJASCD is an organization of diverse educational leaders
    transforming teaching and learning
    to promote excellence in the learning community.

    Our mission is realized through meeting the following goals in each of the goal areas below:
    • Diverse Active Membership
      • NJASCD pursues broad representation of membership that reflects the diversity of the New Jersey learning community and encourages interactive communication among members as well as individual involvement in all aspects of the organization.
    • Communication and Publications
      •  NJASCD print and electronic communications stimulate professional reflection and support the creation of networks that engage member practitioners and policymakers.
    • Programs, Products, and Services
      • NJASCD offers a variety of innovative programs, products, and services to assist members in shaping policy and improving education practice to meet the needs of the Whole Child. 
    • Influence and Policy
      • NJASCD is visible, respected, and sought after as an informed source of reliable and current information regarding high quality teaching and learning.
    • Leadership and Governance
      • NJASCD leadership and governance supports the organization's mission with: 
        • organized and well functioning structures 
        • leadership development processes 
        • astute business and fiscal oversight 
        • and a commitment to developing professional collaborations which engender mutual trust, respect, and connectedness.