Dear Colleagues:
    It is with great pleasure that I share great news today!
    At about 4:30 PM (February 4, 2014), Theresa LLewallen of ASCD called to inform us that New Jersey ASCD was selected to receive an ASCD Overall Excellence Award this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    The award will be presented at the Leadership Luncheon held on Sunday, March 16, 2014, at the ASCD Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA. 
    When sending an email to inform Ronnie, our president, of the award, she responded with this message:

                                       “What a year!!!  We are blessed with all these new talented young people

                                        supported by experienced, excellent mentors and role models.  So proud!!!! “


    Thanks, Ronnie, for a perfect sentiment to express our collective and individual feelings about the award.  Thanks to each of you for your many contributions!

    Warmest regards to all ~


    P.S.  Look for more information regarding the award presentation and a gallery of pictures.  We are so proud!

    Affiliate Recognition AwardsOverall Excellence Award

    The Overall Excellence Award recognizes excellence in all five areas of the Affiliate Developmental Continuum. 

    • Membership
    • Communications
    • Programs, products, and services
    • Influence and policy
    • Leadership and governance

    An Affiliate Overall Excellence Award recipient receives a monetary award, a personalized banner and award statuette, and recognition at ASCD's Annual Conference. Recipients will also be able to choose from a variety of resources to support continuous improvement.